2021 Presentations


Wed 13 October 2021
Moderator: "Securing the Hospital of Tomorrow"
Tue 05 & Wed 06 October 2021
Northeast HIT Summit & Cybersecurity Forum, (In-Person) Revere Hotel, Boston, MA
Speaker: "The Growing Adoption, Use and Reliance of AI and ML in Healthcare"
Forum Moderator: 'The New Reality of Securing Healthcare'

Thur 23 & Fri 24 September 2021
Southeast HIT Summit & Cybersecurity Forum, (In-person) Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville, TN,
Speaker: "The Growing Adoption, Use and Reliance of AI and ML in Healthcare"
Forum Moderator: 'The New Reality of Securing Healthcare'
Thur 02 & Thur 09
September, 2021: 18:30 - 20:30 MT
Lecturer: "Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: The Good and Bad" with Professor Arlen Meyers MD from Colorado University.


Tuesday 24 August, 2021: 09:00 - 17:00 PT
Managed Security Services Forum San Diego (Virtual)
Panel Moderator: "Understanding the Evolution of the Technical Specialist in the Architect of the Future"

Monday 23 August 2021: 19:00 - 20:00 MT
Public Lecture, University of Denver (Virtual)
Lecturer: "The Machines are Taking Over: Securing the Internet of Connected Things.
Thursday 19 Aug, 2021 - 09:00 - 17:00 AT
Event Moderator

Monday 09 Aug, 2021 PT
Panel Moderator: Security Leadership Panel: The New Reality of Healthcare Security Post COVID-19 with Sri Bharadwaj, CISO @Franciscan Health, Adam Zoller, CISO @Providence Health, and Rich Thompson, VP Strategy @BlackBerry

Monday 09 ~ Friday 13 Aug, 2021
Exhibitor: Booth 5543 (behind Epic) and Booth C305 in the Cybersecurity Command Center.

Friday 6 Aug 2021: 10:00-11:00 ET
Panelist: "AI in Healthcare"

Thursday 15 July 2021
Rocky Mountain Health IT Summit, Grand Hyatt, Denver
Presenter: "The growing adoption, use and reliance of AI and ML in healthcare."

Tuesday 14 July 2021: 11.00AM Singapore Time
HIMSS APAC Webinar: "Are your Medical Devices Cybersecure?" Co-presenter with Jonathan Bagnall, Cybersecurity Global Market Leader, Product Security & Services, Philips Healthcare, and Andrew Pearce, Senior Digital Health Strategist, Analytics, HIMSS

Wednesday 14 July 2021
Panel Moderator: "The New Reality of Securing Healthcare" with Chad Wilson, CSO @Stanford Childrens', & Esmond Kane, CISO @Steward Health Care. 

Panel Moderator: "Integrating Cyber Risk Assessment and Planning for Cyber Tools" with Howard Haile, CISO, @SCL Health, Chad Wilson, CSO @Stanford Childrens' and Mike Archuleta, CIO Mt. San Rafael Hospital

Thursday 08 July 2021
Presenter: 'Ai Will Radically Change Healthcare Security' 10:00 EDT
Panel Moderator: 'Securing Healthcare' 10:30 EDT with Esmond Kane, CISO @ Steward Health, David Finkelstein, Dir. Information Security @ St. Luke's University Health Network, Seth Fogie, Dir. Information Security @ Penn Medicine, and Jonathan Bagnall, Cybersecurity Global Market Leader @ Phillips.

Monday 28 June 2021
Panelist with Amber Cardillo from VMware: ICT Careers Virtual Zoom event

Wednesday 30 June 2021
Panel Moderator: 'Securing Healthcare' with Brian Tschinkel, CISO @ Weill Cornell Medicine and Derek Gilbert vCISO @ DxC.

Wednesday 09 June 2021, 4:00 - 5:00pm Eastern Time
Speaker with Dr. Benoit Desjardins: "Cybersecurity in the Era of Telehealth, Wearables and HIoT" 
Thursday 27 May 2021, 1pm Central Time
Fireside Chat: "Understanding the Modernization of Healthcare Services and Security" with Preston Duren, Director Cyber Security Operations, Fortified Health Security
Wednesday 19 May 2021: 09:00 - 16:00 EDT
Panel Moderator: Does Healthcare Need Help, with Mark Sangster, eSentire

Tuesday 11 May 2021: 10-19:00 CEDT
Panelist: "What is the Role of the Cyber Security Vendor in the Future?" with Rik van Duijn, Hacker & Co Founder at Zolder B.V.; Johan Beuk, Account Executive Netherlands, Netwrix;  and Mike Goedecker, CEO, Hakdefnet

Wednesday 05 May 2021
Panel Moderator: Healthcare Security with Todd L. Bell, CISO and Executive Director IT Compliance, Valleywise Health, Dan Dodson, CEO, Fortified Health Security, and Derek Gilbert, Client Security Officer, Principal, DXC Technology
Wednesday 21 April 2021: 12:00 CST / 18:00 GMT
Panel with John Riggi, Senior Advisor for Cybersecurity and Risk at AHA, Dan Taylor, Global Healthcare Security Lead at IBM, Hussein Syed, CISO at Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health, Richard Staynings, Chief Security Strategist at Cylera & Tim Ozekcin, CEO and founder at Cylera.

Thursday 15 April 2021: 15.00 EDT
Speaker: "You Can’t Secure What You Don’t Know About"

Thursday 15 April 2021: 12:50 EDT
MSS DMV (DC Maryland Virginia)
Panel Moderator: "The Challenges of Securing Healthcare and other National Critical Infrastructure from Nation State Cyber Attacks" 12:50pm ET with Esmond Kane, CISO, Steward Health & Derek Gilbert, vCISO, DxC, & Dave Stewart, VA HIMSS & Silverline.
Fireside Chat: "What will the future CISO look like?"


Tuesday 13 April, 2021 AI & Automation in Security Forum, Miami
Presenter: "Will Radically Change Healthcare Security"(5:40pm)
Panel Moderator: "Developing the AI and Automation Strategy of Tomorrow For Healthcare"(4:40pm) with Anahai Santiago, CISO, Christiana Care Health System, Mark Sangster, eSentire & Dave Stewart, VA HIMSS & Silverline.

Friday 02 April 2021: 12.50 AT
Panel Moderator: Modernization of Healthcare Services and Security with Derek Gilbert, vCISO, DxC, & Joe Searcy, CISO, Element 3 Health

Wednesday 17 Mar 2021: 14:00-19:00 AEDT
Panel Moderator: "Has digitalization and Interoperability changed Healthcare's Cyber Threat surface?" with Mark Goudie APJ Services Manager at CrowdStrike, Christopher Neal CISO at Ramsay Health Australia, and Professor Trish Williams at Flinders University.

16 Feb 2021 
Panel Moderator: Healthcare Panel Discussion:Understanding Challenges, Opportunities and Unique Lessons Learnt

04 Feb 2021 19:00-21:00 MDT
Guest Lecture: "The Machines Are Taking Over: Securing the Internet of Connected Things"

2020 Presentations

05 Feb 2020
Healthcare Innovation Southern California Security Forum, Hyatt Regency La Jolla, San Diego, CA.
Speaker: "Patient Safety in the Era of Health IoT"

13 Feb 2020
IA & Automation Security Forum, PhoenixNap, Phoenix, AZ.
Speaker: "IA will Radically Change Healthcare Security"

18 Feb 2020
The Managed Security Services Forum. The Landmark, Denver, CO.
Moderator: "What will the CSO and CIO of the Future look like and how will they adapt to evolving threats?"
Moderator: "Healthcare Panel: The MSS of the Future"
Speaker: "Does it Still Make Sense for Hospitals to Manage Their Own Cybersecurity?"
Moderator: "Securing the Multi-Cloud and Multi-Vendor Universe"

20 Feb 2020
DataConnectors Cybersecurity Conference, Hyatt Regency, Aurora-Denver Conference Center, Denver, CO.
Panel Participant: "CISO Panel"

12~13 Mar 2020
Virtual HIMSS20 
Moderator: "Building an Effective Enterprise Cyber Risk Management Program"

31 Mar 2020
CTG Intelligence Online Conference. See Agenda.
Panelist: "Managed Security Services and Remote Business Working During Covid-19"  | 
30 April 2020
New England HIMSS Chapter  Virtual Conference
Speaker with Esmond Kane: "Covid-19 may have just saved US healthcare"

07 May 2020
Panel Moderator: Understanding Challenges, Opportunities, and Unique Lessons Learnt in the Healthcare Sector when working with the MSS of the Future.
14 May 2020
CSO HIMSS Chapter Virtual Conference
Speaker with Michael Archuleta: "Never Miss a Good Crisis"

27 May 2020
HMG Live! Denver CIO Virtual Summit
Executive Panel: Cybersecurity in a Crisis
28 May 2020
Panel Moderator: Should We Develop a Healthcare MSSP?

30 Jun 2020
Los Angeles Managed Security Services Virtual Forum
Panel Moderator: "Understanding the MSS of tomorrow in a healthcare context"

14 July 2020
Cylera HIoT Security Virtual Summit
Event Moderator

15 July 2020
Tri-State Managed Security Services Forum
Panel Moderator: "The Healthcare MSS of the future"

04 Aug 2020
HIMSS Washington Chapter. Cybersecurity Webinar. 1pm Pacific.
Panelist: "Cybersecurity Issues Facing Healthcare Providers during an Epidemic".

05 Aug 2020
Private Event
Speaker: "A Career in Cybersecurity - Do you have what it takes?"

20 Aug 2020
San Diego Managed Security Forum
Panel Moderator: "The Healthcare MSS of the future"
10 Sept 2020
AI & Automation Security Virtual Forum, Denver
Presenter 12:10 MDT: "Ai Will Radically Change Healthcare Security" 
Panel Moderator 14:30 MDT: "Developing the AI and Automation Strategy of Tomorrow for Healthcare"
17 Sept 2020

London Managed Security Services Forum
Panel Moderator: "Should We Develop a Healthcare MSS?" 

14 Oct 2020, 16:00 MDT
Panelist: "Cybersecurity and COVID-19 as you Return to School"
30 Oct 2020
Speaker: Time Capsule 2020: Pandemic Memoirs for Future Healthcare IT Workers
06 Nov 2020
Tweens & Tech Virtual Fireside Chat
Panelist: Enabling STEM skills while keeping kids safe online

10 Nov 2020
Miami Managed Security Services Forum (virtual event)
Fireside Chat: "The Healthcare MSS of Tomorrow"
18 Nov 2020 (New Date)
NC HIMSS Annual Conference, (virtual event)
Speaker: "Patient Safety and Cybersecurity in the era of Wearables and Healthcare IoT"
19 Nov 2020
Healthcare Managed Security Services Forum  (virtual event)
Co-Host / Panel Moderator. 

20 Nov 2020
Fireside Chat with Mark Sangster from eSentire on the challenges of securing Healthcare IoT  

2 Dec 2020 13:00 ET
Panel Moderator: Ryuk: Protecting Clinical Engineering from Ransomeware Attack

10 Dec 2020
Fireside Chat: Medical Device Security

2019 Presentations

24 Jan 2019
Presenter: "The Converging Paths of Cyber Risks and Patient Safety"

11 Feb 2019
Speaker: "Don’t Let Your IT and OT Systems Become Antiques!"  with Jason Hawley |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

12~15 Feb 2019
Speaker: "Cybersecurity Resources Needed."

26 Feb 2019
Panelist: "Technology Versus Culture."

23~24 April 2019
HIMSS Singapore eHealth & Health 2.0 Summit. Marina Mandarin, Singapore
Speaker: "Lessons Learned from the SingHealth and other large Healthcare Breaches."  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE  |  LIVESTREAM

23 May 2019
Presenter: "Don’t Let Your IT and OT Systems Become Antiques!" with Jason Hawley

02~04 Jun 2019
Healthcare IT Institute. IPMI. La Cantera Resort, San Antonio, TX.
Think Tank Moderator: "Exploring Cybersecurity Strategies in Healthcare"

14 Jun 2019
Panel: "The Perfect Patient Experience in the Age of Wearables."

21 Jun 2019
Presenter: "Don’t Let Your IT and OT Systems Become Antiques!" with Jason Hawley

16 Jul 2019
Rocky Mountain Health IT Summit. Grand Hyatt, Denver, CO.
Speaker: "Don’t Let Your IT and OT Systems Become Antiques!"  with Michael Archuleta  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

31 Jul 2019

19~21 Aug 2019
InfoSec Healthcare Connect. Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, FL.
Panel: "New Healthcare Security Concerns"

23 Aug 2019
1.21 GigaWatt Cyber Security Summit . PPA Event Center, Denver, CO.
Speaker: "Is Global Cyberwar Inevitable: Does the Growth of IoT, AI and Machine Learning Help or Hinder our Ability to Protect Ourselves?"

19 Sep 2019
ISACA Denver Chapter. TBD, Denver, CO.
Speaker: "Presenting Security to the Board"  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

20 Sep 2019
California Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum. Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA.
Panel Moderator: "The Biomedical Elephant in the Room"  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

04 Oct 2019
Northeast Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum. Revere Hotel @ Boston Common. Boston, MA.
Panel Moderator: "The Biomedical Elephant in the Room"

07~10 Oct 2019
HIMSS19 AsiaPac ANNUAL CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre, CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand


17~18 Oct 2019
HIoT Security Summit, W South Beach, FL.
Speaker: "The Changing Paradigm of Connected Care"  |  NEWS ARTICLE

18 Oct 2019
Midwest Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum Cybersecurity Forum. Graduate Hotel, Minneapolis, MN.

21~23 Oct 2019
VA HIMSS Annual Conference, Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg, VA.
Keynote: "Ai will Radically Change Healthcare Security" |  SUMMARY ARTICLE
Ted Talk: "Presenting Cybersecurity to the Board"  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

30 Oct ~ 1 Nov 2019
HIMSS19 Eurasia ANNUAL CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION. Pullman Conference Center, Yenibosna, Istanbul, Turkey
Speaker: "Personal Data in Health and Cyber ​​Security"  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

15 Nov 2019
Southwest Healthcare Security Forum. Cybersecurity Forum. Houston Marriott Medical Center, Houston, TX.

20~21 Nov 2019
HIMSS Australia Digital Health Summit. ICC. Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

09~10 Dec 2019
HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum. Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA.
Panel Moderator: "Medical Device & IOT Town Hall"  |  NEWS ARTICLE

2018 Presentations

05 Mar 2018
HIMSS / CHIME / AEHIS Security Forum, Wynn, Las Vegas

06~08 Mar 2018
HIMSS Annual Conference, Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas

04~07 Jun 2018
Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor, MD, USA. Focus Group Participant.

11~12 Jun 2018
HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum, Grand Hyatt, San Francisco, CA, USA.

12~13 Jul 2018
Healthcare Informatics Denver Health IT Summit, Grand Hyatt, Denver, CO
Speaker: "Understanding and Dealing With the Growing Medical Device Threat"

12~14 Sep 2018
Colorado Hospital Association Annual Conference, Vail Marriott Mountain Resort, Vail, CO

19~21 Sep 2018
SDAHO South Dakota Association for Healthcare Organization’s Annual Convention, Sheraton Convention Center, Sioux Falls, SD
Speaker: "The Link between Patient Safety and Cyber Risk"  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE & RECORDING

03~05 Oct 2018
Speaker: "The Current State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare: An OCR Investigator and A Cybersecurity Evangelist Discus"

10 Oct 2018

10~12 Oct 2018
GACH The Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals 35th Annual Conference, The Ritz Carlton ~ Reynolds Plantation, Greensboro, GA
Panel Moderator: "Can New Technologies Help to Save Healthcare from a Growing Hacker Onslaught?"  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

15~16 Oct 2018
HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum, Westin Copley Place, Boston
Panel Moderator: "Risk Management: Proactive Steps to Protect Your Organization"
Panel Moderator: "Security War Room – Incident Response - The Healthcare Playbook for a Large Scale Breach.”

30 Oct~02 Nov 2018
CHIME Fall CIO Forum, Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Hotel, San Diego, CA
Moderator: "CHIME Focus Group - Third Party Vendor Risk Management" 

31 Oct~02 Nov 2018
AEHIS Fall Summit, Omni San Diego Hotel, San Diego, CA.
Moderator: "Your IT Ethical Manifestowith Tim Stettheimer.

05~07 Nov 2018
VA HIMSS Annual Conference, Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg, VA.
Ted Talk: "Third Party Vendor Risk Management"  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

2017 Presentations (select)

09 Feb 2017
ISACA BC Aware Conference, Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver.
Keynote Speaker: "Privacy and Security in Healthcare"  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

28~29 Apr 2017
Canadian Physician Leadership Annual Conference, Hyatt Regency Vancouver

08~10 May 2017
NH-ISAC Spring Conference, Swan and Dolphin Resort, Orlando, FL |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

11~12 May 2017
HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum, Grand Hyatt, San Francisco, CA

11~13 Sep 2017
HIMSS Healthcare Security Forum, Sheraton, Boston Back Bay, MA

11~12 Oct 2017
VA HIMSS Annual Conference, Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg, VA.
Keynote Speaker: "Securing Health IT Value"  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE
Ted Talk: "The Machines Are Taking Over"

11 Nov 2017
Beverly Hills Health IT Summit and Security Forum, Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, CA.
Moderator CISO Discussion: "The Realities of Healthcare Cybersecurity: Need for Improved Strategies."  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

2016 Presentations (select)

01~03 Mar 2016
HIMSS Annual Conference, Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV.
Video Interview: "Just How Secure is Healthcare?"  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

09 Mar 2016
Ohio Information Security Conference, Convention Center, Dayton OH.

07 Sep 2016
Georgia HIMSS Chapter Annual Conference, Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center, Atlanta, GA.

10~11 Oct 2016
Louisville Innovation Summit, Marriott Louisville, KY.

16~17 Nov 2016
KiwiCon, Wellington, New Zealand.  |  SUMMARY ARTICLE

2015 Presentations (select)

25 Mar 2015
Security World. Hanoi, Vietnam.

Afternoon Speaker: "Cisco Data Center Security Accelerates Your Business"
Panelist: "Strengthening Information Security to Protect Privacy & Enable Trust in Today's Risk Landscape."   |  SUMMARY ARTICLE