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Upcoming Conference Appearances

The COVID-19 global pandemic has pretty much put pay to all conferences and gatherings this year. The United States is particularly badly affected as some states opened back up too much and too soon and are now facing the consequences. 
It now appears unlikely that many if any events will take place this year in person. Many have been cancelled for this year while others have moved to a virtual format. Many have also been combined. This page will be updated as information is received from event organizers, CDC, HHS and government officials.

30 Oct 2020
Speaker: Time Capsule 2020: Pandemic Memoirs for Future Healthcare IT Workers
06 Nov 2020
Tweens & Tech (Virtual Event)
Panelist: Enabling STEM skills while keeping kids safe online 

09 Nov 2020
Healthcare IoT Podcast
Interviewee with Mark Sangster
10 Nov 2020
Miami Managed Security Services Forum (virtual event)
Panel Moderator: "How can we help Healthcare?"
18 Nov 2020 (New Date)
NC HIMSS Annual Conference, (Virtual Event) Agenda.
Speaker: "Patient Safety and Cybersecurity in the era of Wearables and Healthcare IoT"
19 Nov 2020
Healthcare Managed Security Services Forum  (virtual event)
TBD: Co-Host / Panel Moderator
7~8 Dec, 2020

10 Dec 2020
Panel Moderator: TBD


28 Jan 2021: 13:00 EST / 20:00 GMT
American Hospital Association Webinar 
Panel with John Riggi, Saif Abed, & Tim Ozekcin
nn Feb 2021
VA HIMSS Annual Virtual Conference

nn Feb 2021
Denver University Enrichment Lecture
Guest Lecture: TBD

04~07 June 2021
AAMI Exchange, Charlotte, NC
Speaker: "Cybersecurity in the Era of Telehealth, Wearables and HIoT: A Case Study"
06~08 June 2021 (New Date)
IPMI Healthcare Institute. Lowes, Vanderbilt Nashville, TN
Speaker: "Patient Safety and Cybersecurity in the era of Wearables and Healthcare IoT"

Past  Presentations
Past conference presentations and links to articles and interviews from prior years can be found on the Presentations Page of this site

Conferences Bookings
Speaking events generally book up 3 to 6 months in advance of conferences and forums - more so during the September to November security conference season. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

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