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Richard Staynings Keynote kicks off the Security World Conference in Hanoi

I had the honor of presenting the Keynote at "Security World" yesterday in Hanoi, Vietnam to a packed house of government Ministers, Generals and other military staff from Vietnamese and other ASEAN nations, corporate chieftains, and security and privacy professionals drawn from all over Asia, Australasia, the USA and Europe.

In fact I had the honor of presenting twice - the morning keynote on how the Internet of Everything will change security for the next 25 years, and a session in the afternoon on securing the next generation data center.

I would like to thank the organizers and the government Ministers and other officials who gave me such a warm and appreciative welcome, and all of the attendees whose well thought out questions showed great knowledge and insight, and who obviously paid very close attention to every word I had to say. I was glad to share my knowledge, experiences and opinions with each and all of you.

An English translation of the official Vietnamese website covering the event can be found here.

A gallery of the official photography can be found here.