HIMSS TV Interview - C.I.A.

My recent interview with Bruce Steinburg MD, EVP of HIMSS International at the Singapore eHealth and Health 2.0 Summit.

Most global healthcare compliance requirements focus upon protecting the CONFIDENTIALITY of PHI and PII, but security and in particular Patient Safety, are reliant upon securing the other 2 sides of the 'CIA' security triangle.

The INTEGRITY of medical data is vital if physicians are to diagnose, treat and monitor patients. If the information is wrong then the treatment could be lethal.

The same is true to the AVAILABILITY of Healthcare IT and IoT systems without which healthcare professionals cannot treat patients in today's age of digitization. When HIT and HIoT systems go down, patients have to be transported to other unaffected hospitals for treatment, or their procedures cancelled. Just ask the UK NHS what happened there when they were hit with WannaCry a couple of years ago! The ransomware took down many unpatched end-of-life Windows systems and many medical devices that run on Windows embedded.

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