Unsecured Endpoints in the Hospital Environment

Unsecured Endpoints in the Hospital Environment - Securing IOT and Medical Devices

Medical devices are growing by an estimated 20% per annum the world over, as are other IOT devices that control critical infrastructure in our hospitals. Yet, most cannot be secured by traditional endpoint computer means due to a combination of device limitation and regulation. Nor can most be patched and updated against known security vulnerabilities. At the same time, formerly isolated networks have converged to support digital transformation of healthcare, thus increasing risks exponentially for both the clinical business and biomedical networks used to treat patients.

How then do we go about "securing the un-securable" using the tools at our disposal to protect patients, their data and hospital systems from attack and ransom?

Richard Staynings
This is the subject of a recent presentation given to the HIMSS Healthcare Cybersecurity Community by Richard Staynings, Cisco’s Cybersecurity Leader for the Healthcare Life Sciences Industry, and Craig Williams, Technical Outreach Leader at Cisco Talos.

In their presentation, Richard and Craig discuss what the future may hold for targeted attacks against hospital IOT and medical devices, and what healthcare technology and security leaders should consider doing to protect them.

Craig Williams

Watch the WebEx recording here.

View the slides here.