Security World 2016

[Source: VTV News Update Vietnam National Exhibition of Security 2016 (Security World 2016) - Direct English Translation] 

Mr. Demetris Booth - Director of Marketing for Product & Security Solutions at Cisco Security APJC (Photo: Security World 2016)

Demetris Booth - Marketing Director for Product & Security Solutions at Cisco Security APJC, introduced conference attendees, to new Cisco security products and solutions to tackle malware (malicious code). The installation of these tools, provide administrators with better visibility into the network and the ability to monitor and remove malware quickly before it spreads. In addition, Cisco also discussed how organizations can help ensure security for the data center through the use of intelligent security solutions. These solutions include:

- Advanced Threat Protection: Provides dynamic analysis of threats and attacks and automatic adaptation to emerging threats in order to strengthen protection, and to respond quickly and effectively to overcome more attacks.

- Network and Data Center Security: Provides network security and security for data centers to protect high-value resources in the data center with perimeter protection against threats, highly secure virtualization, segmentation and policy control.

- Secure Mobility and Endpoint Solutions: Provides flexible and appropriate security services for endpoints across the enterprise while empowering employees to work on devices anywhere and anytime.

- Secure Content Gateway: Provides maximum protection from constant, dynamic and rapidly evolving threats, to email and web browsing. Blocks attacks contained in email, on web links and on malware compromised web pages.
- Access and Policy Management: Provides access control and segments traffic based upon security policy

- Security solutions for service providers, large enterprise networks and industrial control systems.

Protecting the data center is a challenging job because this is where all the valuable data is stored, including personal data of consumers, financial information and intellectual property of the company or government organisation. Many of the cyber criminals campaigns today are specifically designed to help attackers penetrate the data center. The data center is the main target of cyber criminals. Cisco's solutions focus on understanding and early detection of network attacks by analyzing and observing the traffic flow in the data center, and to create segmentation and policy enforcement to protect against these threats.

2015 has seen many serious cyber attacks aimed at the world's largest organizations including Sony Pictures, Ashley Madison website and even the FBI, and the White House. Compared to 2014, network security incidents have increased 38%, while almost 1 million new malware threats and exploits are released every day.

According Cyberark, damages from network attacks using malicious code have risen from approximately $300 billion USD - $1.000 billion USD a year. The average cost to a company of a data breach is nearly $4 million USD.

In Vietnam, 2015 saw a big growth in the number of attacks, intrusions into the network of state agencies, organizations and businesses, vandalism and attempts to steal information. This trend is continuing upwards in 2016.

According to the Center for Computer Emergency Response Team Vietnam (VNCERT), in the year from December 2014 to December 2015, the number of information security incidents recorded in Vietnam amounted to 31,585. This included 5,898 phishing attacks, 8,850 web site defacements, and 16,837 malware infestation incidents. These figures show an alarming rise in attacks and the increasing difficulty for computer professionals and users to ensure online safety.