New Cybersecurity Testing Lab Opens in Cheltenham

A new cyber security laboratory has recently opened close to Cylera's UK offices in Cheltenham, and near GCHQ, the UK’s intelligence agency. The 5,200 sq ft lab plans to test IIoT, IoT, OT, ICS, SCADA and embedded devices which now make up a surprising percentage of connected endpoints. These devices are largely regarded by the profession as being inherently insecure and rarely patched against security vulnerabilities by their owners. The greatest problem however is that vulnerabilities are usually unknown by either owners or manufacturers.

The lab’s prime goal is to test vulnerability of vehicles, private jets, and aircraft engines. With this, the laboratory aims on strengthening industrial systems against malicious cyber activities.

This was the subject of my radio interview with BBC Radio Gloucestershire this morning. Listen to the 7 minute discussion below.

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