The Challenge of Securing Healthcare

What are the biggest challenges facing healthcare security leaders today and how do leaders navigate the almost insurmountable obstacles placed in their way? 

How can we overcome a long list of clinical, financial, operational, and technology risks to secure patient safety and ensure greater operational resiliency for healthcare services?

Join me for an in-depth panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities that healthcare cybersecurity leaders are presented with today.


  • Esmond Kane, CISO Steward Health Care
  • Richard Staynings, Chief Security Strategist, Cylera and Teaching Professor, University of Denver University College
  • Michael Katz, Security Sales Specialist, Infloblox 
  • Moderated by Janette Wilder, Managing Editor, Healthcare Innovation

Panel hosted by Healthcare Innovation as part of the NorthEast Health IT Summit and Cybersecurity Forum.

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