Hacking Healthcare Live: Bits and Bytes Meet Flesh and Blood

Possibly one of the BEST EVER demos at RSA of all time for anyone in the medical space. Watch a live simulated medical device hack as an unsuspecting ER doctor faces the reality of practice in a brave new world of insecure technologies and vulnerable patients.

Doctors Christian Dameff MD and Jeff Tully MD from the University of California Health System are joined by Josh Corman from I Am The Cavalry to demonstrate what can happen when a medical device attached to a an ER patient is hacked.

Healthcare cybersecurity is in critical condition. This session takes you to the front-line of efforts to save lives threatened by ransomware and runaway pacemakers.

Learning Objectives:
1: Understand how recent attacks and device vulnerabilities threaten patient lives.
2: Explore the recommendations of the Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Task Force.
3: Witness a doctor undergo a live clinical simulation of a hacked medical device.

Dr. Christian Dameff, Emergency Physician and Clinical Informatics Fellow, University of California San Diego
Dr. Jeff Tully, Anesthesiologist and Pediatrician, University of California Davis
Josh Corman, CSO/Founder, PTC / I am The Cavalry

Hacking Healthcare Live: Bits and Bytes Meet Flesh and Blood from the 2018 RSA Conference.

This video demonstration starts at 0:30 and runs for approximately 45 minutes.

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