Richard Staynings keynotes at the Ohio Information Security Conference
Keynoting at OISC
Thanks to everyone who attended my Keynote at the Ohio Information Security Conference yesterday in Dayton, Ohio. There was hardly an empty seat in the house!

And that, despite the competition from Bill Clinton, who was presenting at a political event just down the street. I’m sure the entrance price for the OISC was considerably better value however, than the ‘donation’ required to get you in front of Bill!

Thanks also to ‘TechnologyFirst’ for organizing the event, along with all the sponsors for making it such a success. I wasn’t able to attend all of the presentations, but those that I did, were top notch, well thought-out, very insightful, and highly educational - even for those of us who have been playing in the security sandbox for many years!

For those who asked, I have made my presentation available for reference. You can either view the slides using the built in slide viewer or can download a PDF.